Lactose Free Products

Once again we need to address the problem of the ever increasing availability of “lactose free” foods which are causing great confusion to our families.
Some say on the front "made with cows milk" but not all! The yoghurt pictured below is an example of how misleading they can be.

We need to keep stressing to everyone with galactosaemia that "lactose free " is not suitable in galactosaemia as, although the lactose has been broken down making the product suitable for someone with lactose intolerance it has been broken down into glucose and GALACTOSE so the product is full of galactose making it unsuitable for use in galactosaemia.

The GSG shall be putting a complaint into the FSA (Food Standards Agency) about these products as they are very misleading for people with galactosaemia. We feel there should be some warning on their label about galactosaemia.

So, if you see a lactose free product with a misleading label, please let the GSG ( know.

Thanks again.